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Womens Scholarship Programme - Development Assistant Internship

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Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

To support female pupils internationally, exposed to significant disparities in their backgrounds and education prospects to access university education with a fully funded scholarship programme.

We are working with a new charity committed to removing barriers to equality, focused on education and providing full scholarships to women to fund University tuition.
TDF is developing an ambitious scholarships strategy to attract high potential, female students with demonstrable interest to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in science, technology, the humanities, social sciences and business through the pursuit of higher education.

This role focuses on supporting with both primary and secondary research and the analysis of data findings.
It will require a series of processes to deliver the various steps within the implementation of the scholarships programme.
This will involve working with marketing, creating application processes, timelines and procedures that enable smooth processes.

As a current or recent student your input will be valuable in recalling what support would be most beneficial for a young person embarking on university life.

The successful candidate will have great organisational and administrative skills, with abilities to support the research, planning and design processes.
You will have an understanding for customer service and participate in creative community building engagements with the target audiences.
Have an opportunity to contribute to the selection process, working with Scholarship Manager and Team.
This role provides an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to gain a strong footing in several areas of external engagement activities.

The internship is for 6-12 months.

We would love to hear from

Students who are/have studied:

Marketing / Graphic Design
Business Management
Social Care

Or has a genuine interest in charitable causes


  1. Are a university student

  2. Have finished your A Levels or college

  3. Are looking for voluntary experience in your gap year to gain experience and provide a meaningful opportunity

About the Company

The Duchy Foundation is a organisation empowering women
and their communities through access to quality education and entrepreneurship opportunities to improve economic disparities, and improve solutions to manage the trajectory of their lives.

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