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We're passionate about building community and real life human connections.

Inspired by a focus on wellbeing, arts & culture, and facilitating opportunities for learning, created with the local community in mind.

Enjoy entertainment and experiences hosted by a variety of talented guests. 


Taking care of yourself is an important part of bouncing back from stress, trauma, and burnout.


Launching on Womens International Day, we are offering one of 4 relaxation and beauty treatments for Southwark based women in need of self care, through the months of March and April 2024 for only £1. 


Indian Head Massage 

Back Massage 

Eyebrow Threading

Manicure - Shape and Polish 

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Angel Card Workshop

An Angel card manifestation workshop  - hosted by 20 year expert Sharon Hillary 

Obtaining peace of mind and healing can come from various sources, our mindfulness series explores different methods in finding your inner peace and revealing your purpose.

Learn how to tap into your own intuition, manifest and make the ‘Law of Attraction’ work for you.

Angels are said to be; pure divine spiritual beings emanating from the heart of the Universe. 

This interactive workshop will guide you to build a personal connection with your guardian angel and the angelic realm. Hosted by Sharon Hillary, an intuitive reader and Angel card expert.

Self Care Through Art
Drawing Workshop

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Studies have shown that expression through art can improve mood and activate reward pathways in the brain to help reduce stress, depression,

Self-Care through Art - hosted by talented artist Grace Westerdale 

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this class is the perfect opportunity to try something new and have a Sunday afternoon of fun. A space where you can unwind with friends or meet like minded people.

Learn how to draw from life. A workshop for all levels will teach you different techniques and the skills in identifying different perspectives when drawing, to lay the foundation in becoming an artist in your own right.

Body Positive Workshop

From The Noble Art of Yoga & Wellbeing, we have an exciting workshop coming this December 8th...

We are pleased to gift you with a complimentary session, at our Camberwell Green studio.


Limited spaces available, so be sure to sign up to secure your space NOW!

art Exhibition

Introducing London-based painter and talented photographer David Urquhart as our next exhibiting artist.

Previously a Crime Scene Examiner his experience and interest in film noir and cinematography have informed his paintings.

David has an incredible eye for detail and a unique ability to create a sense of drama and tension, whilst highlighting the beauty of the everyday.


His work has been exhibited in London, Budapest and online at SAATCHI ART.


Enjoy 10% off within the cafe using promo code: DUCHY 

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