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Culinary Residencies 

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Share your art through food

We believe that cooking is an art form, and a tool within the local community that can produce and inspire positive social changes. The goal is to connect through stories, culture and food, to share an appreciation of different flavours, working with fresh produce and organic purveyors respecting nature and its rhythms. 


We are committed to creating a stimulating environment for new, emerging chefs and bakers, to develop their own culinary path and to support and share the results achieved. We are passionate about working with small, traditional, seasonal products, but also spontaneous food fusions, looking to inspiration from the past for new taste and health-focused needs.


We have a beautiful centrally located cafe/eatery in the heart of Camberwell Green, and are thrilled to offer a talented chef/baker an opportunity to take up residency.


Our culinary residencies are more than a chef incubator, popup or dinner series, this hybrid model is designed to tap into the potentially symbiotic relationship between restaurant and chefs looking for a no-risk way to test out their menus / brand. 


This program is created to help new and emerging chefs/bakers settle in the culinary world and find new energies and perspectives. 


how it works 

The Fusion Bistro provides the space, customer service, front-of-the-house staff, and beverage program.


Visiting chefs can apply to serve one-to nine-month residencies


residency includes

The residency includes:

  • kitchen space as culinary resident’s studio

  • time for creative exploration that may include recipe development, writing a cookbook, ingredient experimentation, etc.



Are you interested in seeking a space within our calendar of creative, culinary, and cultural experiences via our chef residencies.

Complete the application to apply

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