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The Medici Project

The Medici Project supports like-minded artists who want to empower, ignite and inspire people from all walks of life.


Our goal is to make art more inclusive and accessible, and support cultural prosperity of the local community.

We believe art and sharing in fresh ideas should be available for everyone.  


The Duchy Foundation is committed to helping fresh, innovative artists, showcase their potential.

Lending a helping hand to local talent, we’re proud to support the next generation of artists.


Join us for #Coffee and #Culture in #Camberwell 


The Fusion Bistro

A gourmet local cafe providing an authentic range of beverages as diverse as the community it serves. Our partnership supports, the exhibits of talented artists within the gallery space, as we recognise the contribution art can make to mental health and wellbeing. We are aligned in the social mission to:

  • create a space for social connection.

  • champion the arts through exhibiting local creatives.

  • open up opportunities through child-friendly working hours, & Traineeships / Apprenticeships. 


Duchy Foundation Workshops

We support a range of activities from board games and art-based workshops as a creative and social outlet for residents experiencing depression, stress or anxiety​.

(coming soon)

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