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Social Impact

We are a female-led foundation dedicated to transforming the prospects of women, girls and their communities through: quality education and vocational training aimed at bridging the gap in youth employment-preparation, & female-focused entrepreneurship support; within business, the creative industries and underrepresented sports.


As a social enterprise our mission is to support marginalised groups through creating targeted framework conditions that will impact society and provide transformative opportunities around skill-based development and job creation. The goal, through our innovative training programmes, is to mitigate the reality of inequalities and help balance the scales through nurturing the 'value creation' that reinvestment into people can offer, that is both inclusive and sustainable.


Our approach to this is driven by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, utilising our talented teams collective expertise within academia, and the private sector, we are proud to be shaping new creative opportunities through ‘bottom up’ solutions and horizontal links, that not only creates purposeful social impact, but growth for people and their communities.


We focus our efforts to create meaningful solutions, and offer opportunities to these underrepresented groups in our community: 


  • Black, Latin, Asian and minority ethnic students

  • Students from areas of low higher education participation, low household income, and/or socioeconomic status

  • Mature students

  • Students with disabilities 

  • Care experienced students


Through mindful entrepreneurialism, innovative events, charitable partnerships and fostering stakeholder engagement, our aim is to raise crucial funds for the disadvantaged.

Our structured work experience and employability programmes, support the collective efforts to tackle youth unemployment and cultivate a positive impact on society through working with young people in inspiring them to broaden their horizons and utilise tools to realise their ambitions.


We’re aware we can’t achieve all our goals on our own. We work together with businesses, government, and nonprofits, and each partner plays a specific role in accelerating progress in these efforts.

If you would like to support us, we'd love to hear from you.

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